Apply for Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation

How to Get Started

First, review the eligibility requirements for Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation. If you determine your business meets these requirements for accreditation, then apply for a Verified Pharmacy Program® (VPP®) inspection indicating your interest in Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation. Based on the VPP inspection results and submitted documentation, we will confirm if you are eligible to apply for Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation. After your application, supplemental documentation, and specified fees have been received, we will:

Notepad icon with checkboxes to signify that you are in compliance with your policies and procedures

Review your policies and procedures

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Verify pharmacy and pharmacist licensure

Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation Process Overview

Flowchart showing year 1, 2, and 3 of the accreditation process.

Are you an existing customer? Learn more about how to apply for reaccreditation.

Apply for Accreditation

Get started on your path to accreditation by following the steps below:

  1. Confirm your eligibility.
  2. Review the Standards Overview to confirm that the program meets your business’s needs.
  3. Log in to your business e-Profile account and apply for a VPP inspection.
    • Use this guide to request access to additional Business e-Profile accounts, after creating your initial e-Profile.
  4. Complete the VPP inspection and receive an accreditation eligibility letter.
  5. Gather appropriate supporting documents.
  6. Complete and submit a Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation application for one or multiple accreditation with your business e-Profile account.
    • Includes an agreement to the accreditation terms and conditions and applicable payment.
    • Read the Application Basics for instructions on submitting your application.

Interested in pricing?

Log in to your business e-Profile account and visit the Instructions and FAQs section to access pricing. Don’t have an account? Create your free business e-Profile account today.

Maintain Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation

To maintain your Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation status, keep these tips in mind:


Compounding pharmacies should begin the reaccreditation process before their current accreditation expires. We encourage pharmacies to seek reaccreditation for a new, 3-year period during the third year of your pharmacy’s compounding accreditation.

Prior to your accreditation anniversary date (expiration date of your current 3-year accreditation), we will contact you to begin the reaccreditation process and will provide guidelines to help you with the process.

The reaccreditation process is similar to the initial Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation steps:

  1. Confirm your eligibility
  2. Review the Standards Overview
  3. Gather the appropriate supporting documents
  4. Submit the reaccreditation application for one or more accreditations with your business e-Profile account.