The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy now uses our CPE Monitor service to automatically audit pharmacists’ continuing education records during the license renewal process – and starting in May, the Board will use it for pharmacy technicians’ records as well. 

Since the program began in 2011, our strong relationship with the boards of pharmacy has enabled us to keep CPE Monitor updated with the boards’ latest continuing pharmacy education (CPE) requirements. Now, advancements in data sharing technology enable us to streamline processes and meet additional needs. 

Louisiana pharmacy technicians will encounter the same process that pharmacists did when they renewed their licenses at the end of last year. Working with the Louisiana Board, we integrated CPE Monitor into the Board’s online renewal system so that it automatically checked the CPE recorded in pharmacists’ CPE Monitor accounts before online renewal could begin. If the requirements were met, the renewal process would continue; otherwise, the online system could not be used to complete the renewal process.

Quick and Easy Tracking and Renewal

Along the renewal journey, it’s easy for CPE Monitor users to check their progress – especially for Plus plan users, who can sort and filter specific activity information.

Activity filtering is part of the Plus plan’s personal CPE Analysis Report. It lets you access detailed records of your fulfilled pharmacy CE requirements, viewing breakdowns by topic, format, and various sub-requirements, for each of your licenses. You can also find detailed information on your state’s topic requirements.

GIF showing 4 features of CPE Monitor

CPE Monitor Assists Regulators and Practitioners

Louisiana Board staff tell us they have been happy with the CPE-Monitor-assisted renewal process, and other boards of pharmacy have expressed interest in implementing similar systems. Almost all boards employ some form of auditing system to determine if licensees are complying with continuing education requirements for license renewals. CPE Monitor provides valuable assistance to both regulators and practitioners by helping them track CPE activity that supports furthering knowledge and continued competence for the protection of patients and public health.  

To learn more about CPE Monitor and the available plans, visit our website. You can also download the NABP mobile app via Google Play or the App Store to access CPE Monitor on the go.