NABP Leadership Awards

The NABP Leadership Awards highlight individuals and organizations at the forefront of pharmacy regulation, showing us all what it means to be a leader in public health protection. NABP is seeking nominations for its 2023 awards, which will be presented at its 119th Annual Meeting in May. To nominate an individual or board that you feel is outstanding, complete and submit the form. Nominations must be received by December 31, 2022. Descriptions of each award and nomination criteria can be found below the form.

2022 NABP Awards Nomination Form
Curriculum vitae or resumé of nominee, if possible
Maximum upload size: 2.1MB

Award Criteria

Lester E. Hosto Distinguished Service Award

This award is the highest honor bestowed by the Association. Originally known as the Distinguished Service Award (DSA), it was renamed by NABP to serve as a memorial to the 1990-1991 NABP President Lester E. Hosto, whose motivating presence in the practice of pharmacy was recognized by practitioners of his state, pharmacy leaders across the nation, and former United States President Bill Clinton.

The Lester E. Hosto DSA recognizes those individuals whose efforts to protect the public health greatly furthered the goals and objectives of NABP. Any individual who meets these criteria may be nominated for the DSA, regardless of their member affiliation with NABP.

Carmen A. Catizone Honorary President Award

Nominees who will be considered for the position of honorary president must meet the following criteria:

Individuals submitting nominations for honorary president must be from an active or associate member board. The award was renamed in 2020 to honor former NABP Executive Director/Secretary Carmen A. Catizone, who served the Association for 35 years. The award honors Catizone’s unwavering leadership, commitment, and dedication to NABP and its mission of protecting the public health.

Fred T. Mahaffey Award

This award was named after the late NABP Executive Director Emeritus Fred T. Mahaffey, who held the executive director position from 1962 to 1987. His leadership and contributions to NABP, state boards of pharmacy, and the protection of the public health were significant and established NABP as one of the leading pharmacy organizations. The award recognizes a board of pharmacy that has made substantial contributions to the regulation of the practice of pharmacy over the past year.

Boards considered for this award must have contributed to protecting the public health and welfare through the enforcement of state and federal laws and regulations, and to the advancement of NABP goals and objectives as specified in the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws.

John F. Atkinson Service Award

Recipients of the John F. Atkinson Service Award are individuals who have provided NABP with exemplary service in protecting the public health and have shown significant involvement with the Association related to pharmacy law and compliance. This award was named in honor of the late John F. Atkinson, former NABP general counsel who served the Association for more than 40 years.