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NABP Verify

NABP Verify is a license monitoring service created to help member boards as they seek new ways to regulate pharmacies and pharmacists, who are playing an ever-increasingly important role in the health care system. For example, the NABP Verify program can provide additional insight and oversight of out-of-state pharmacists practicing via an interstate practice model. Participating boards can reduce administrative burden on board staff by taking advantage of the service’s ongoing verification that Verified Pharmacists maintain active licenses in good standing, pursuant to program requirements.

NABP Verify is not an authorization to practice pharmacy; it is evidence of licensure in good standing. The authorization to practice is defined by state statutes or regulations that can reference this credential as a requirement to practice in the manner described by that state. While NABP Verify can serve as a new tool to provide appropriate board oversight to enable nonresident practice models, it does not serve as an alternative to state licensure, either by examination or via endorsement, for in-person practice within a state. As always, licensure and practice decisions will remain at the sole discretion of the boards of pharmacy. 

NABP Verify enables boards of pharmacy to: 

Benefits of NABP Verify for the Boards

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Reduces administrative burden on board staff to verify license status

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Provides a system for continuous monitoring of license status across all states

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Provides member boards insight and oversight on interstate practitioners

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State-specific credential issued which has authority defined within statutes, regulations, or policies

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Boards of pharmacy that wish to recognize NABP Verify in their state will sign a memorandum of understanding that specifies the responsibilities of NABP and the board.