May 2024 Electronic Mailbags

NABP’s eLTP Now Available for Licensure Transfer to Nova Scotia

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) is pleased to announce that the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists (NSCP) is now utilizing the NABP Electronic Licensure Transfer Program (eLTP).

NSCP established a new, streamlined licensing pathway for international pharmacists to obtain licensure in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. NABP staff has been engaged with NSCP representatives and, as a result, NABP has revised the eLTP application to allow United States pharmacists to apply for licensure transfer to Nova Scotia.

In light of the fact that pharmacists licensed in Nova Scotia via this process may still maintain active licenses in a US state or jurisdiction, a data sharing and usage agreement has been signed between NSCP and NABP, which requires the same access and data usage terms applicable to US states and jurisdictions as well as requires NSCP to report any disciplinary actions imposed by their college on these US-trained pharmacists to the NABP Clearinghouse.

The eLTP will not be utilized for licensure transfer of Canadian pharmacists to a US state or jurisdiction outside of the established Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee certification process for foreign-trained pharmacists.

If you have any questions, contact William Cover via email at

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Board Staff Encouraged to Register for Virtual Training on NABP Programs, Services

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) will be holding its annual Program Review and Training as a live remote event. This year, the training will be divided into two half days. On Thursday, June 20, 2024, we will cover information on Competency Assessment and Accreditation and Inspection Programs from 9 AM – 1 PM CDT. On Friday, June 21, 2024, we will cover information on Communications, Licensure Programs, Government Affairs, and Professional Affairs from 9 AM – noon CDT.

Designed for new and veteran board of pharmacy staff at any experience level, this two-day training gives attendees a deeper understanding of NABP programs and services and how they can benefit day-to-day board operations. State boards can attend one or both days of the training or log on for the specific topic of their choice. 

The training, led by NABP staff, is highly interactive and provides an overview of the following topics: 

NABP e‐Profile Connect

NABP Programs and Services

To reserve a spot for the training or if there are any questions about the event, please contact Kristin Kuhn, human resources coordinator, at When registering for the event, please include your full name, position title, and email address. 

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Executive Officer & Member Forums – Save the Dates!

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) is pleased to host the 2024 Executive Officer and Member Forums, themed “The Next Regulatory Challenge: Guiding Pharmacy Technology for the Healthiest Outcomes,” on September 25-26, and December 4-5, respectively, at NABP Headquarters in Mount Prospect, IL.

As in years past, the forums will consist of programming specifically for executive officers and members, providing the opportunity for attendees to network and discuss common issues faced by boards of pharmacy. All forum sessions will be closed to allow for candid and robust discussions. The agendas are attached for your reference.

NABP invites board executive officers to attend the Executive Officer Forum, and kindly requests that you designate one board member to attend the Member Forum. NABP will cover travel, lodging, and meal expenses in accordance with the NABP travel reimbursement policy. 

Board executive officers will receive registration information for both forums in mid-June.

NABP looks forward to presenting exciting and educational forums!

Executive Officer Forum Agenda
Member Forum Agenda

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ICRS Summer Certificate Program Courses

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) is pleased to announce its continuing partnership with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) to provide resources available through NCSBN’s International Center for Regulatory Scholarship (ICRS). This partnership allows NABP members to subscribe to the ICRS mailing list to receive updates on ICRS courses and enrollment dates.

The ICRS certificate program is a one-of-a-kind program that offers regulators and health policy leaders opportunities to enhance their regulatory knowledge, grow as leaders, and network with their peers from around the world. The program offers a variety of synchronous, online courses that are led by subject-matter experts and take place over eight-week terms. The courses are sorted into the following three pathways: 

Participants will be eligible to attend and graduate from the biennial ICRS Advanced Leadership Institute once they have accumulated six credits within the ICRS certificate program. Institute attendees have the opportunity to network with peers, hear inspiring speakers, and celebrate their accomplishments. 

Enrollment for the ICRS Summer 2024 term is now open and courses are filling quickly! The term begins on Monday, June 24. ICRS maintains wait lists for any full courses, and enrollment openings are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Each certificate program course costs $50, thus a total of $300 for the program. Other than travel, food, and lodging, there are no additional costs to attend the Institute. 

You may sign up for the ICRS mailing list to get the latest ICRS course information.

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Mental Health Resources for Pharmacy Personnel

According to data from the Well-being Index for Pharmacy Personnel1 (WBI), 31% of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who used this self-assessment tool are at risk of experiencing high distress. Those who risk experiencing high distress also have double the risk of making a medication error, making mental health, well-being, and burnout problematic for pharmacist personnel and the public health. For those who attended the NABP 120th Annual Meeting, these problems will sound familiar, as this topic was discussed in a continuing pharmacy education session and in the presentation of NABP President Lenora S. Newsome. As she explained, her presidential initiative aims to promote mental health and well-being for pharmacists and pharmacy staff in the midst of an increasingly challenging and stressful workplace.

As part of this initiative, President Newsome convened the Task Force on Pharmacists and Pharmacy Personnel Mental Health and Well-Being in the fall of 2023. Part of the task force charge was to provide resources to support mental health and well-being for pharmacists and pharmacy staff. One of the task force recommendations for fulfilling this charge was as follows: 

The task force recommended that NABP develop a survey for the boards of pharmacy to give to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy permit holders/registrants upon renewal of their licensure or permit/registration.

  1. The survey should ask whether licensees are aware of available mental health resources.
  2. Licensees who indicate unawareness of these resources should be sent relevant information.

Upon further review, NABP determined that a more comprehensive approach to disseminating this information would be most effective. NABP has developed a Mental Health and Well-Being Resources webpage, which is available on the NABP website at Pharmacy Staff | Mental Health Resources | Rising Stress Levels (

This webpage includes mental health self-evaluation tools like the WBI, courses to identify mental health crises, resources to find mental health support, and information to better understand burnout and mental health concerns. NABP will continue to update the webpage with the latest information, resources, and recommendations as they become available.

NABP encourages the boards of pharmacy to post a link from their website, or otherwise refer licensees to this webpage. Alternatively, boards are encouraged to develop their own such resource webpage as a means of expanding access to resources addressing mental health and coping skills for pharmacy staff.

Working together, NABP and the boards can support the mental health and well-being of pharmacy personnel and, in turn, help to protect public health.

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PDG-FDA Joint Public Meeting: DSCSA Stabilization Period Midway Checkpoint

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) would like to inform you of an upcoming public meeting hosted by the Partnership for DSCSA Governance (PDG) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This meeting will be a critical opportunity to gain insights into the progress and challenges associated with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) stabilization period. 

PDG-FDA Joint Public Meeting: DSCSA Stabilization Period Midway Checkpoint

Meeting Purpose

This meeting serves as a mid-point check-in during the DSCSA stabilization period. Stakeholders from the pharmaceutical industry, FDA, and other organizations will share information on:

The meeting will also provide an opportunity to learn from FDA’s Request for Information on implementing interoperable systems for enhanced drug distribution security. Additionally, the PDG will share industry progress towards achieving DSCSA compliance.

The effective implementation of DSCSA is critical for ensuring the safety and security of the pharmaceutical supply chain. This meeting offers valuable insights for Boards of Pharmacy to stay informed about the ongoing efforts and potential challenges related to DSCSA compliance. 

We encourage you to register for this event.

NABP will continue to monitor developments related to DSCSA and provide updates to member boards.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Josh Bolin at

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