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Supporting Boards of Pharmacy with Inspection and License Verification Services

Inspections are vital components of the licensure and licensure renewal process, as they are key to boards of pharmacy ensuring that pharmacies are operating in compliance with state laws and safety standards. The Verified Pharmacy Program® (VPP®) provides boards of pharmacy with inspection and license verification services, ensuring they have complete and accurate information to make pharmacy licensure decisions. When states lack the resources to conduct timely and robust inspections, VPP can bridge the gaps. Through this program, NABP surveyors perform the pharmacy inspection at no cost to the boards of pharmacy.

Utilizing VPP inspection reports along with license verification and disciplinary information provided by NABP, boards of pharmacies can efficiently make informed decisions on licensure or renewal of licensure for nonresident pharmacies. Pharmacies that operate in multiple states have also found VPP to be a practical and cost-effective solution, with just one inspection often satisfying the requirements in most states.

VPP is Widely Recognized

Boards have long trusted NABP in assisting with their missions of protecting the public health, and VPP has proven to be no different. In fact, 46 boards of pharmacy recognize it as meeting state inspection requirements for nonresident pharmacies, and a growing number of states require it as a component of achieving licensure in certain cases. While other organizations offer inspection services, NABP’s programs are the most widely recognized and are the only programs built by the boards of pharmacy and for the boards of pharmacy.  In addition, NABP’s experience in inspections is unmatched:

  • NABP has performed more than 18,000 inspections and surveys through its accreditation programs since 1999.
  • Of those inspections, over 1,200 were performed by NABP through what is known today as VPP.  This effort was in support of our member boards to respond to the sterile compounding tragedy of 2012.

Learn More About VPP

Contact Member Relations and Government Affairs staff to see how VPP can benefit your board of pharmacy.

VPP is Comprehensive

The information collected about a pharmacy when it goes through VPP equips boards with the detailed information they need to make accurate, fully informed license and license renewal decisions. Available in the NABP e-Profile Connect, boards may:

  • View pharmacies’ inspection, disciplinary, and licensing data
  • View immediate reporting of significant violations of state and federal law to boards of pharmacy
  • View these records at any time, with secure access granted 24/7

The Blueprint Program – For States Conducting Their Own Inspections

For boards of pharmacy that wish to enhance their inspection processes to account for sterile compounding inspections, the Multistate Pharmacy Inspection Blueprint Program provides criteria for boards to adopt. Participating boards commit to performing their own pharmacy inspections on a set cycle. In additions, inspectors/compliance officers must adhere to a specific training schedule.