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What if I fail the FPGEE?

All eligible FPGEC candidates can take the FPGEE a maximum of 5 times.

Candidates who did not pass the FPGEE before the application expiration date and have taken the FPGEE fewer than 5 times will need to reapply to the FPGEC program.


The exam is only offered once per year. If the next FPGEE administration falls within your 2-year acceptance period, you can log in to your NABP e-Profile to purchase a new FPGEE registration. 

If your FPGEC application was previously accepted and you were eligible to take the FPGEE, subsequent FPGEC applications are not guaranteed to be accepted. Subsequent FPGEC applications must meet all current application requirements at that time.

Review the Receiving Your Result section of the Bulletin for additional information.