Examination Scores API

The Examinations Scores API allows access to an individual’s NAPLEX and MPJE scores. The data returned from this API can be found below.

Parties requesting an API key will need to contact our technology department and follow the setup guidelines provided.

The Examination Scores API provides NAPLEX or MPJE information for an individual using the provided parameters.



eProfileIdIntegere-Profile ID of the Individual
DOBStringDate of Birth (Format: MM-dd)
ResultString(Optional) Values: Pass or Fail
ExamString(Optional) Values: NAPLEX or MPJE

Returned Data

A list of scores will be returned. Scores consist of the following fields:

eProfileIdInte-Profile ID of the person
FirstNameStringFirst name of the person
MiddleNameStringMiddle name of the person
LastNameStringLast name of the person
DOBStringDate of birth of the person (Format: MM-DD)
Last4ssnStringLast four digits of the person’s social security number
DisciplinedBooleanIs there a disciplinary action against that person in any state?
ScoresA list of the following data combination and returns list of scores for the user for the state requesting scores
Scores.ApplicationIDIntegerApplication ID of exam
Scores.ExamDateStringDate of the examination (Format: YYYY-MM-DD)
Scores.AttemptNumberIntegerAttempt number for the given exam
Scores.ResultStringPass or Fail
Scores.ExamStringType of examination
Scores.PostDateStringResults posted date (Format: YYYY-MM-DD)
InvalidatedScoresA list of the following data combination and returns list of all the invalid scores for the given user if it is present. If not present, this will be empty.
InvalidatedScores.ExamNameStringExam name
invalidatedScores.StateStringExam state
InvalidatedScores.ExamDateStringExam date (Format: YYYY-MM-DD)


Status CodeDescription
200Successful response
400Invalid request/Please retry
404No scores available
409Provided DOB is not a match/e-Profile not found
500Error while processing request

“eProfileId”: 165436,
“firstName”: “Youssef”,
“middleName”: “ahmad”,
“lastName”: “Barakate”,
“dob”: “07-20”,
“last4SSN”: “4175”,
“disciplined”: false,
“scores”: [
“applicationId”: 93,
“examDate”: “2011-12-29”,
“attemptNumber”: 3,
“score”: 72,
“result”: “FAILED”,
“exam”: “MPJE”,
“postDate”: “2012-01-03”,
“applicationId”: 95,
“examDate”: “2012-03-17”,
“attemptNumber”: 4,
“score”: 80,
“result”: “PASSED”,
“exam”: “MPJE”,
“postDate”: “2012-03-20”,
“applicationId”: 98,
“examDate”: “2011-05-19”,
“attemptNumber”: 2,
“score”: 89,
“result”: “PASSED”,
“exam”: “NAPLEX”,
“postDate”: “2011-05-23”,
“applicationId”: 99,
“examDate”: “2003-10-09”,
“attemptNumber”: 1,
“score”: 61,
“result”: “FAILED”,
“exam”: “NAPLEX”,
“postDate”: “2003-10-10”,
“invalidatedScores”: null

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