CPE Activity Summary API

The Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) Activity Summary API allows access to an individual’s CPE activity details. The data returned from this API can be found below.

Parties requesting an API key will need to contact our technology department and follow the setup guidelines provided.

The CPE Activity Summary API provides CPE information for an individual profile using the provided parameters.

POST /v2/cpe/activity


eProfileIdIntegere-Profile of Individual
DOBString(Mandatory) Person’s date of birth; (Format: MM-DD)
ActivityDateFromString(Mandatory) CPE activity from date (Format: MM-DD-YYYY)
ActivityDateToString(Mandatory) CPE activity to date (Format: MM-DD-YYYY)

Returned Data

A list of CPE Activity summary data will be returned consisting of the following fields described here.

Activity dateStringCPE Activity Date
UANStringUniversal Activity Number
ProviderStringCE Provider
FormatStringValue: Home Study or Live
Topic DesignatorStringTopic Designators
Credit unitsStringUnit Type
LiveStringNo. of Live Units
HomeStringNo. of Home Study Units
ActivityTypeStringActivity Type


Status CodeDescription
200Successful response
400Invalid request/Please retry
404No CPE data available
409Provided DOB is not a match/e-Profile not found
500Error while processing request

CPEActivity : [
ActivityDate :string,
“ UAN” :string,
“ Title” :string,
“ Provider” :string,
“ Format ”:string,
“ TopicDesignator”:string,
“ CreditUnits” :string,
“ Live”:string,
“ Home” :string,
“ ActivityType” :string

Looking for additional assistance?

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