Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation

To be eligible for Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation, businesses must first successfully complete our prerequisite Verified Pharmacy Program (VPP) inspection. Review VPP pricing to get started.

The cost of Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation is outlined below:

Compounding Pharmacy

  1. Due at time of VPP application:
    • Eligibility Fee: $800
    • Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation Module: $500
  2. Due at time of application:
    • Application Fee: $2,500
    • Annual Participation Fee Year 1: $400
  3. Annual Participation Fee Year 2: $400
  4. Annual Participation Fee Year 3: $400

Estimated total for three-year accreditation for a single location: $4,500

Additional fees may be assessed for the following occurrences:

This list is not all-inclusive.

Bundle Accreditations to Maximize Your Investment

Save time and money by bundling certain accreditations together. When completing your Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation application, customize your full compliance solution by applying for one or more of the following programs:  


Want to learn more about bundling? Contact our Industry Relations team for pricing.