Verified Pharmacy Program

The cost of a Verified Pharmacy Program (VPP) Inspection is dependent on the type of pharmacy seeking the inspection. VPP does not perform partial inspections. The business will be inspected for all pharmacy activities they perform, such as general pharmacy practice, nonsterile compounding, sterile compounding, nuclear activities, etc. Therefore, all applicable pharmacy activities/attributes must be clearly indicated at the time of application. Currently, VPP applicants fall into six categories:

General (no compounding)

Program Fee: $3,750*

General + Non-sterile Compounding

Program Fee: $4,500*

General + Sterile Compounding

Program Fee: $5,500*

General + Non-sterile + Sterile Compounding

Program Fee: $6,000*

Nuclear Pharmacy/Radiopharmaceuticals

Program Fee: $6,000*

Outsourcing Pharmacy

Program Fee: $8,000*

*Program Fee includes application, license verification, and inspection costs. 

Note: An extended inspection fee ($1,500) may be required if NABP determines the work needed to complete the inspection process requires additional time onsite and/or to write the report. Examples of when this fee will be applied may include numerous or complex pharmacy activities, large facilities, and facilities with high volume.

When applying for a Verified Pharmacy Program (VPP) inspection understand that NABP does not perform partial inspections; all functions specific to a pharmacy’s operations and relevant to the inspection must be observed. Inspections will not proceed and no refund will be made if this requirement cannot be met.

Additional Modules

NABP has been approved by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) to perform inspections for pharmacies seeking or renewing a Texas nonresident sterile compounding pharmacy license (TX Class E-S license).

For pharmacies seeking the TX Class E-S license, TSBP may require NABP to collect a compounded preparation sample for purposes of potency, sterility, endotoxin, and fungal testing. The pharmacy is responsible for all testing-related charges, which are estimated to range from $2,000 to $3,000, and will be refunded any remainder of the deposit upon completion of the tests, less the shipping and handling fees. Should the testing related fees exceed the deposit collected, the pharmacy will be invoiced for outstanding charges upon completion of the testing and must be paid immediately. The pharmacy may elect:

Bundle Accreditations and Inspections to Maximize Your Investment

Save time and money by bundling certain accreditations and inspections together. When completing your VPP application, customize your full compliance solution by applying for one or more of the following programs:


Want to learn more about bundling? Contact our Industry Relations team for pricing.