Access user-friendly tools and a comprehensive network of verified relationships with Pulse. Through our inclusive, secure platform, you can count on staying connected with trusted partners across the drug supply chain through consistent communication. Learn how Pulse can help you to achieve DSCSA compliance.

Mockup showing the Pulse by NABP technology platform on desktop and mobile devices.

Key Pulse Features

Demonstrate your Authorized Trading Partner (ATP) status directly on your profile and share your contact information with other ATPs. Plus, easily manage your profile, user, and privacy settings.

Search for important ATP details, including Global Locator Number (GLN), state license information, interoperability dates, and contact information.

Check the status and licensure of trading partners, as well as confirm users’ trading partner affiliation.

Seamlessly connect with state regulators to receive and respond to trace requests and locate transaction histories.

Connect your technology and communications with Pulse through APIs with various solution providers. Discover how the Pulse Interoperable Partner program can help you with integrating.

Coming Fall 2024: Easily verify and trace products by leveraging Verification Routing Services (VRS) and/or APIs.