A High-Level Overview of Key Pharmacy Laws

Revised and published each December, the Survey of Pharmacy Law serves as a guide through the maze that is pharmacy law. Through its summary charts and explanations, the Survey shows how the state boards of pharmacy are organized, how they function, and their requirements for licensure (pharmacist, pharmacy technician, pharmacy, and wholesale distributor) and licensure transfer. The Survey also contains information on state electronic prescription transmission, continuing education, drug control regulations, drug product selection, and patient counseling requirements, as well as pharmacist and pharmacy technician census data and dispensing authority of health care professionals. The Survey is provided as a downloadable PDF and consists of four sections: organizational law, licensing law, drug law, and census data.

Purchasing Information

The current year’s Survey is available for purchase in NABP e-Profile. Use the link below and access e-Profile through the Customers tile. You will need to create a login and purchase the Survey in the Publications section.

Cost: $195

To order a Survey from previous years, please contact NABP Customer Engagement at help@nabp.pharmacy. There are no refunds on publications.

For more comprehensive state laws and regulations, check out NABPLAW® Online.

Multi-User Licensing Fees

To purchase the Survey for company-wide use or to place on a shared network, contact the NABP Communications Department at 847/391-4406.

License Fees:

  • 5-50 users: $1,000
  • 51-100 users: $1,500
  • 101-150 users: $2,000
  • 151+ users: $2,500

Complimentary Survey for Final-Year Pharmacy Students

Every year, each final-year pharmacy student receives a complimentary copy of the Survey of Pharmacy Law. Upon publication of the Survey, NABP provides the school with the publication for distribution to their students.