Explore various types of resources designed to help both you and your students with exam day. Webinars, guides, infographics, videos, and more are available to guide students through exam processes.

Resources for Colleges of Pharmacy

Exam Webinar Series

College of pharmacy deans and administrative staff will receive a comprehensive look at the NAPLEX and MPJE, as well as the practice exams, and learn how to help your students apply and prepare for the examinations during this live webinar series.

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Submit Transcripts

Official transcripts must be sent to NABP directly from the college. Transcripts may be submitted through the following methods:

  • Email us transcripts at
  • Mail transcripts in a sealed envelope bearing your college’s stamp/seal on the envelope flap.

Manage Student Transcripts

College of pharmacy staff can request access to process transcripts directly to students’ e-Profile.

Information to Share With Your Students

Exam Bulletin

The NAPLEX/MPJE Candidate Application Bulletin outlines the process students will encounter when applying for eligibility, purchasing the exam, and exam day. It is a vital resource to guide them throughout the process.

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Exam Videos

Our videos provide an overview about our exams, including the steps to apply and how the MPJE is developed. Stay tuned for the latest exam videos.

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NAPLEX Email Series

In our NAPLEX-focused email series, students will receive tips and helpful information about the exam application and preparation process. 

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Exam Process Infographics

Our exam infographics offer an at-a-glance view to help offer clarification about the steps to apply and how to avoid examination roadblocks.

Competency Statements

The competency statements detail the topics covered on the exams and can help guide students when they are studying for the exams.  

Performance Reports

Exam results are posted for most jurisdictions in NABP e-Profile for students. If they receive a fail result, a performance report will be available to see a breakdown of performance by the topic areas.