PARE_logo 187x110 for websiteThe Pharmacist Assessment for Remediation Evaluation® (PARE®) is a multi-dimensional assessment that the boards of pharmacy may use as an auxiliary tool when making decisions regarding pharmacist practice deficiencies that are due to noncompliance with pharmacy practice standards, laws or regulations, and result in compromises to patient safety.

The PARE is administered online and the state board decides whether to allow the examinee/pharmacist to use his or her own laptop for testing or supply a laptop/desk-top. For security purposes, NABP uses a special WebLock browser that prevents examinees from accessing applications other than the PARE.

Format of the Assessment

The PARE consists of 210 multiple choice questions. Examinees have a maximum of 4.5 hours to complete the online exam and the questions are drawn from three content areas:

  • Medication Safety and the Practice of Pharmacy (Area 1 – 50% of questions)
  • Professional Ethics/Pharmacist Judgment (Area 2 – 25% of questions)
  • Clinical Pharmacy Practice (Area 3 – 25% of questions)

For a detailed breakdown of the content, please refer to the list of the PARE Content Areas.

Score Information

To pass the PARE, examinees must score a minimum of 75% in each content area. Scores are calculated as percentage correct and are reported out to examinees in each of the three content areas.