FPGEE Competency Statements

The FPGEE Competency Statements serve as a blueprint of the topics covered on the examination. They offer important information about the knowledge, judgment, and skills you are expected to demonstrate while taking the FPGEE. A strong understanding of the Competency Statements will aid you in your preparation to take the examination.

Area 1.0 Basic Biomedical Sciences (Approximately 10% of Test)

1.1 Physiology
1.2 Biochemistry
1.3 Microbiology Related to Human Disease
1.4 Immunology

Area 2.0 – Pharmaceutical Sciences (Approximately 33% of Test)

2.1 Medicinal Chemistry
2.2 Pharmacology and Toxicology
2.3 Pharmacognosy and Dietary Supplements
2.4 Pharmaceutics/Biopharmaceutics
2.5 Pharmacokinetics
2.6 Pharmacogenomics and Genetics
2.7 Sterile and Nonsterile Compounding

Area 3.0 – Social/Behavioral/Administrative Sciences (Approximately 22% of Test)

3.1 Health Care Delivery Systems and Public Health
3.2 Population-Based Care and Pharmacoepidemiology
3.3 Economic and Humanistic Outcomes of Health Care Delivery
3.4 Pharmacy Practice Management
3.5 Pharmacy Law and Regulatory Affairs
3.6 Biostatistics and Research Design
3.7 Ethical Decision Making
3.8 Professional Communication
3.9 Social and Behavioral Aspects of Pharmacy Practice
3.10 Medication Dispensing and Distribution Systems

Area 4.0 – Clinical Sciences (Approximately 35% of Test)

4.1 Evidence-based Practice
4.2 Clinical Pathophysiology
4.3 Clinical Pharmacokinetics
4.4 Clinical Pharmacogenomics
4.5 Disease Prevention and Population Health
4.6 Patient Assessment
4.7 Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutic Decision Making