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NABP e-Profile Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

Welcome to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) e-Profile registration Web pages. NABP Web site services, including the e-Profile registration services, are the initial NABP services that facilitate your request for an NABP product or additional NABP services (collectively, “Services”). NABP sincerely thanks you for your interest in the Association and our programs and Services.

By creating or maintaining an e-Profile, you agree to these terms.

In addition, NABP offers a variety of Services, such as publications, meeting registrations, and licensure-related Services. Occasionally, additional terms or requirements may apply to certain Services. Such terms will be available or published with the applicable Service. By using the relevant Service, you agree to the additional terms or requirements.

e-Profile Terms

Upon creating your e-Profile you will receive an e-Profile ID, which will be used as an identifier for the NABP programs and Services that you utilize now and in the future.

The information needed to create and maintain your e-Profile helps to:

  • Accurately identify you
  • Ensure that any data that you previously provided to NABP, such as a name or a license number, is correctly maintained in your e-Profile
  • Keep your e-Profile updated
  • Minimize multiple requests for the same data
  • Streamline the licensure or certification process, by assisting pharmacy regulators, such as a state board of pharmacy, or participating pharmacy certification organizations, if you request NABP Services related to licensure or certification.

It is very important that you provide and regularly maintain accurate information in your e-Profile. If you request Services related to licensure or certification, NABP will use your e-Profile data to deliver these Services and will provide e-Profile data to your pharmacy licensing agency(s), or participating pharmacy certification organization(s).

By providing and maintaining e-Profile data, you affirm that the information entered is accurate, current, complete, and truthful. You agree to promptly update the information in your e-Profile if the information changes.

When creating your e-Profile, please note that information that is designated as “optional” may, in the future, be required in order for NABP to provide certain Services that you request, such as examination or licensure transfer Services. If additional information is required to provide these Services, it will be requested at that time.


The NABP Privacy Policy describes how NABP utilizes your information and protects your privacy.

Please review the Privacy Policy.

By using the Services, you agree that the terms of the Privacy Policy apply to NABP’s use of your information.

Terms of Use for Web site

The NABP Terms of Use describe the terms and conditions governing your use the NABP Web site.

Please review the Terms of Use statement.

By using the Services, you agree to the Terms of Use for Website.

CPE Monitor®

The continuing pharmacy education (CPE) Monitor program is a Service to streamline the collection, maintenance, and reporting of CPE credits in the interest of continuing professional development and public health protection.

Please click here for detailed information about the CPE Monitor program.

In order to continue to receive credit for ACPE-accredited CPE, you are also required to register for CPE Monitor Services.

If you do not create an e-Profile and register for CPE Monitor Services:

  • You will not be able to earn Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)-accredited CPE from ACPE-accredited providers (Providers) once the system is fully operational; and
  • NABP’s report of CPE information to the state boards of pharmacy and pharmacy certification organizations will not contain official records of the CPE that you have completed through such recognized Providers. Please note that, at this time, NABP does not collect all forms of CPE credit or CPE certificates that may be recognized by the boards of pharmacy or pharmacy certification organizations for purposes of licensure or certification renewal.

Because information that you enter to establish your e-Profile and register for CPE Monitor will be available to the board(s) of pharmacy where you are licensed or registered and may be used by NABP to report CPE information to these board(s) of pharmacy, or participating pharmacy certification organization(s) in a form and manner acceptable to such board(s) or organization(s), it is very important that you provide accurate information, and that you regularly maintain your e-Profile and CPE Monitor data.

By providing and maintaining this data, you affirm that the information entered is accurate, current, complete, and truthful. You agree to promptly update the information in your e-Profile and your CPE Monitor data if the information changes. If NABP has questions about the information in your e-Profile or CPE Monitor data, we may contact you.

By using the CPE Monitor Services, you agree to the CPE Monitor Terms.