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Larissa Doucette

The Tennessee Controlled Substance Monitoring Database Program has now deployed the NABP PMP InterConnect®, bringing the total number of live participating state prescription monitoring programs (PMPs) to 16. Tennessee joins PMPs in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Virginia, which have implemented use of NABP InterConnect, giving authorized PMP users the ability to request and share program data across state lines. Nine additional states have signed memorandums of understanding (MOUs) to participate in the NABP InterConnect. NABP continues to work with other states to facilitate their participation in the NABP InterConnect, and it is anticipated that approximately 30 states will be sharing data or will have executed an MOU to participate in the NABP InterConnect in 2013. The NABP InterConnect is a highly secure communications exchange platform that facilitates the transmission of PMP data across state lines to authorized requestors, while ensuring that each state’s data-access rules are enforced. Additional information about the NABP InterConnect is available in the Programs section of the NABP Web site.