TITLE: Task Force to Develop Regulations Based on Standards of Care

WHEREAS, the practice of pharmacy continues to evolve toward direct patient care; and

WHEREAS, in some settings, pharmacists are currently prescribing drugs and devices, ordering and interpreting drug therapy-related tests, and administering drugs; and

WHEREAS, technology continues to develop and lead to advancements within the pharmacy profession; and

WHEREAS, medical and nursing regulations include standards of care that have allowed flexibility in their professional scope of practice while preserving the ability of their respective regulatory boards to maintain patient safety;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that NABP convene an interdisciplinary task force to explore considerations for transitioning from strictly prescriptive rule-based regulations to a model that includes a standard of care process, and discuss the necessary tools (eg, peer review committees, enforcement approaches) for boards of pharmacy to make this transition.

(Resolution passed at the 114th Annual Meeting in Denver, CO.)