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Larissa Doucette

Reviewing the efforts of 13 stakeholder organizations, a new study examines educational programs aimed to raise consumer awareness about the risks of entities that illegally distribute medications online. The study cited NABP’s review of over 10,500 online drug outlets and its finding that 97% of sites visited were not in compliance with applicable pharmacy laws and practice standards specific to the regulation of the sale of prescription drugs online in the US market. Further, NABP was one of six stakeholder organizations surveyed about its consumer outreach efforts, with the study finding that all of the stakeholders had dedicated website content and a majority used public service announcements and social media as well. The study authors also identify some means for strengthening outreach efforts such as forming stakeholder partnerships and implementing media planning. The study, “Mapping of Health Communication and Education Strategies Addressing the Public Health Dangers of Illicit Online Pharmacies,” was published online in the Journal of Health Communication.