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Larissa Doucette

The Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) sixth National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day on April 27, 2013, collected twice the amount of unneeded and expired medications for safe disposal than the previous DEA take-back event six months ago. The level of consumer participation in the event shows the continued need for a means of safe, legal disposal of unused medications, including prescription controlled substances. More than 5,829 locations participated in the sixth Take-Back Day and 742,497 pounds (371 tons) of unneeded medications were collected, indicates DEA. The six take-back days combined collected a total of 2.8 million pounds (1,409 tons) of unneeded prescription drugs, helping to prevent diversion, misuse, and abuse of the drugs. NABP’s AWARxE® Consumer Protection Program encouraged consumer participation in the DEA drug take-back event through a social media campaign. The AWARxE Web site provides information about the importance of safe drug disposal in helping to curb prescription drug abuse rates year round.