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Larissa Doucette

Resolution No: 110-3-14
Title: Policy Regarding Pharmacies Selling Tobacco Products
Membership Vote: PASS

WHEREAS, in the United States, according to Cancer Facts & Figures, tobacco use is responsible for nearly one in five deaths, equaling approximately 443,000 premature deaths annually; and

WHEREAS, state boards of pharmacy are charged with protecting the public health, safety, and welfare as related to services provided by pharmacies and pharmacists; and

WHEREAS, it is an inherent conflict of interest for pharmacies that dispense medications to treat heart disease, lung disease, and cancer to also sell tobacco products;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that NABP reaffirm its existing policy encouraging pharmacies to stop selling tobacco products and work toward a smoke-free society.

(Resolution passed at the NABP 110th Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ)