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Larissa Doucette

Fueled by the prescription drug abuse epidemic, Arizona experienced the most pharmacy robberies in 2013 with 77 incidents, according to a report compiled by Drug Topics using Drug Enforcement Administration statistics. The report lists the top 10 states that had the most pharmacy thefts in 2013. Indiana took second place with 71 robberies. Nationally, pharmacy robberies dipped slightly from 745 in 2012 to 713 last year. The 10 states that had the most robberies are in stark contrast to other states that had no robberies (South Dakota, North Dakota, and Alaska) or as few as one or two (such as Illinois and Montana) reports Drug Topics.

To address the growing problem of pharmacy robberies, NABP members directed the Association to convene a task force to review strategies that states have taken to prevent theft and drug diversion. The Task Force on Preventing/Reacting to Pharmacy Robberies is meeting October 22-23, 2014, to discuss these issues.