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Larissa Doucette

In December 2012, the Oregon State Board of Pharmacy took actions that will prevent a rogue Internet drug outlet from distributing products to customers in Oregon, while LegitScript helped to shut down a large scale marketing portal facilitating rogue sites. The Oregon Board fined Hayden Hamilton, owner of, $50,000 for operating without an Oregon pharmacy license as well as other violations. Hamilton agreed to no longer distribute drug products to customers in Oregon, reports Pharmacy Choice.

Legitscript announced the shut down of, an Internet marketing affiliate site that provided tools to help establish rogue Internet drug outlets. The entity was linked to hundreds of Web sites identified as illegal online drug sellers, reports Pharmacy Choice. LegitScript indicates in a blog article that the entity subsequently set up shop under a new Web site address, but that LegitScript intends to assist in shutting down this site also, and will focus on “denying the network’s ability to process payments.”