NABP, in partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), is pleased to announce its commitment to comply with the Prescription Monitoring Information Exchange (PMIX) Architecture to facilitate interstate data sharing. Specifically, NABP will immediately begin to implement the “Hub-to-Hub” Specification of the architecture, thereby enabling the sharing of information with any state without regard to their local technology and expanding the number of information sharing partners for current and future PMP InterConnectSM users. Once completed, this will ensure that all states using NABP InterConnect are fully compliant with the PMIX Architecture, thereby satisfying federal grant conditions as well as positioning states to share data more broadly in the future. In addition, NABP pledges to continue its work with the Alliance of States with Prescription Monitoring Programs (ASPMP) and other partners to maintain the PMIX Architecture and support development of a certification process to assist states in meeting their interoperability and data sharing goals. In recognition of NABP’s commitment to move forward aggressively, the BJA has agreed to immediately clarify its existing guidance on allowable uses of Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Program grant funds. State prescription monitoring programs (PMPs) that adopt NABP InterConnect as their interstate data sharing solution will now be considered compliant with the PMIX Architecture and therefore able to utilize HRPDMP funds to support information sharing, to include NABP InterConnect implementation, or to repurpose such funding in a manner consistent with the goals of their grant application. Interested states may immediately make requests for a Grant Adjustment Notice through their BJA grant managers.

In operation since August 2011, NABP InterConnect has already processed over 265,000 interstate requests for PMP data. Building on the success of the nine states that are already connected to and using PMP InterConnect and the 10+ others that intend to sign on, compliance with the PMIX Architecture will give additional PMPs the option to utilize NABP InterConnect as their preferred data sharing solution. In addition, this will allow existing PMP InterConnect states to reallocate funds to other important PMP related initiatives. The BJA, working in partnership with NABP and ASPMP, has worked diligently to develop an encompassing architecture that will support interoperability of PMP systems, hubs, and other exchange partners. NABP is pleased to have been a part of the process and a key contributor to the success of the PMIX Architecture. NABP will continue to work with BJA and other governmental partners to continue its advocacy and support for the needs of the NABP InterConnect member states.