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Larissa Doucette

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) is pleased to announce the launch of its new license monitoring service, NABP Verify. This new program serves out-of-state pharmacists practicing remotely in states whose laws recognize this credential. Verify allows United States pharmacists to apply for and easily maintain multiple state-specific credentials using their NABP e-Profile. The program also assists the Association’s member boards of pharmacy by reducing the administrative burden of tracking out-of-state pharmacists while they are authorized to practice remotely in their state without maintaining licensure in that state.  

“NABP perceived a need for a long-term program to support the growing demand for remote pharmacy services, which has been more evident during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic and multiple recent natural disasters,” says NABP President Caroline D. Juran, BSPharm, DPh (Hon). “The NABP Verify program demonstrates the Association’s innovative approach to protecting public health by swiftly assisting its member boards of pharmacy with a solution that reduces administrative burdens while offering additional opportunities for practitioners and the health care industry to serve patients.”  

Pharmacists who have active licenses that are in good standing can subscribe to Verify and conveniently manage their credentials through their e-Profile by adding or removing participating states as necessary. Pharmacists who subscribe to Verify will receive a digital badge signifying their participation, which enables them to easily share the status of their state-specific credential(s) with employers and regulators.  

Upon launch, North Carolina is the first state to adopt Verify. NABP is in discussions with additional states to implement Verify in the future. Licensure and practice authority granted to a Verify credential holder will continue to be at the sole discretion of the boards of pharmacy, and each state’s practice authority will be defined by state-specific statutes, regulations, or policies. Through the program, boards of pharmacy will automatically receive updated licensure status notifications via NABP e-Profile Connect, allowing them to make decisions on licensees’ credential statuses.  

Verify can enable new interstate digital practice models while supporting compliance needs. NABP, along with its member boards, looks toward the future of protecting public health by increasing opportunities for pharmacists to respond to immediate and ongoing health care needs throughout the US.  

Additional details about the Verify program benefits, eligibility requirements, and implementation can be found by visiting the Programs section on the NABP website. Also available is information about the Association’s highly successful Electronic Licensure Transfer Program® (e-LTP™), which support its member boards by facilitating reciprocity for those pharmacists relocating to another state or when licensure is otherwise required by another state.