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Larissa Doucette

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) is pleased to announce that it will begin offering accreditations for compounding pharmacies in January 2020 through the NABP Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation program. The addition of this program complements the inspection services offered by the Association and provides a full-service option for compounding pharmacies.

NABP has been able to expedite the development of its new compounding accreditation with the purchase of certain assets of FocusScript, LLC’s United Credentialing and Accreditation Program (UCAP). Customers that are currently accredited through UCAP have been notified that NABP will grant them immediate accreditation through NABP’s new program for the remainder of their current accreditation cycle once they agree to NABP’s standards and terms and conditions. To further assist existing UCAP customers, NABP has confirmed that certain pharmacy networks currently recognizing UCAP will accept the NABP Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation.

“We are excited to launch our new compounding pharmacy accreditation program and we look forward to bringing UCAP pharmacies into the NABP accreditation family,” says NABP President Jack W. “Jay” Campbell IV, JD, RPh. “The addition of this new compounding accreditation to the Association’s robust compliance offerings enables NABP to provide current and prospective customers with a comprehensive set of accreditation options delivered in a streamlined and cost-effective way.”

Information about NABP’s new compounding accreditation is posted on the NABP website. In addition to program information, a list of accredited sites will be posted soon. Compounding pharmacies that are interested in becoming accredited can complete an interest form to receive more information as it becomes available.

For additional information about Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation, please visit