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Larissa Doucette

Each year the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) Executive Committee selects an individual to serve as its honorary president for the coming year. NABP is pleased to announce that Carl W. Aron, RPh, has been awarded this honor for 2013 and was recognized during the Annual Awards Dinner at the NABP 109th Annual Meeting, held May 18-21, 2013, in St Louis, MO. In recognition of his commitment to the Association’s mission and goals, NABP named Mr Aron as its honorary president for his service to the public health, for his commitment to NABP and the boards of pharmacy, and for his diligence and dedication to the practice of pharmacy and patient care.

A pharmacist for over 50 years, Mr Aron joined the family business, Aron’s Pharmacy in Monroe, LA, in 1968, and then took ownership in 1971. Mr Aron has also served as a member of the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy since 1971, and is currently president. As part of his more than 40 years of service to the Board, he was a past member of the Examination, Impairment, and Violations Committee, past chair of the Regulation Revision Committee, and former first vice president.

Mr Aron has shown substantial dedication to ensuring that NABP’s examinations remain valid and effective by serving on multiple examination committees, including the Blue Ribbon Committee of Item Writers, which developed items for the examination from which both the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Licensure Examination® and the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination® evolved. He also served on the NABP Advisory Committee on Examinations (ACE), including serving as chairperson of ACE from 2004 to 2005. In addition, he served on the NABP Committee on Law Enforcement/Legislation in 2008, and was chairperson of the NABP Task Force on Emergency Preparedness, Response, and the US Drug Distribution System. For his service to the Association, Mr Aron received the NABP Distinguished Service Award in 2006.

Also an active member of several pharmacy associations, Mr Aron has been a member of the board of directors of the Fifth District Pharmaceutical Association, which recognized his service with the Grant Collins Award in 2006. He is also a member of the Louisiana Pharmacists Association (LPA) and has served on the organization’s executive committee. He was honored by the LPA with the Independent Pharmacist of the Year Award in 2012, and with the Bowl of Hygeia award in 1985. As a member of the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), Mr Aron served on NCPA’s Professional Affairs Committee. He sits on the Dean’s Advisory Council for the University of Louisiana Monroe, School of Pharmacy, as well as on the university’s President’s Advisory Council.

Mr Aron earned his bachelor of science degree in pharmacy from the University of Mississippi in 1961.

NABP is the independent, international, and impartial Association that assists its member boards and jurisdictions in developing, implementing, and enforcing uniform standards for the purpose of protecting the public health.