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Larissa Doucette

The new NABP Verify program, launching on April 4, 2022, supports new and existing license verification needs of its member boards of pharmacy. Pharmacists who earn the NABP Verify credential have proven their license(s) to be in good standing. Ongoing monitoring provides boards with continuous information regarding compliance with state requirements. 

 Once initially verified, the applicant’s license(s) are subject to ongoing monitoring by NABP to ensure at least one is active and all are in good standing. Program participants pay an annual fee for the verification and ongoing monitoring services. More program details will be available on April 4, 2022 in the Programs section of the NABP website. 

 NABP Verify is not an authorization to practice pharmacy; it is evidence of licensure in good standing. The authorization to practice is defined by state statutes or regulations that can reference this credential as a requirement to practice in the manner described by that state. Boards of pharmacy that wish to recognize NABP Verify in their state will sign a memorandum of understanding that specifies the responsibilities of NABP and the boards.  


Pharmacists who are licensed or registered by a United States board of pharmacy are eligible to apply. A state specific NABP Verify credential will be issued to applicants who hold at least one active, unconditional, license in good standing.  

  • Applicants with the following are not eligible to receive an NABP Verify credential: 
    • Any active license that has been suspended or sanctioned (ie, probation, suspension, or revocation); or 
    • An expired, inactive, or non-renewed license that is associated with an unresolved disciplinary sanction. 

North Carolina Applicants

The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy will be the first to recognize NABP Verify, following the finalization of revised centralized pharmacy services rules that went into effect on March 1. Out-of-state pharmacists, who are not licensed in North Carolina can subscribe to NABP Verify beginning April 4, 2022. 

For more information, visit to read the board’s announcement. 


An individual that applies for and holds an NABP Verify credential must subscribe to NABP Verify for ongoing monitoring of their license status and disciplinary actions through the NABP Clearinghouse. The annual subscription fee includes the initial or renewal application processing and ongoing license monitoring services and is applicable for all participating states.  

NABP Verify Subscription Fee 
Pharmacist Issuance/Renewal  $50

Following a successful verification, individual credential holders can provide proof of their NABP Verify credential status using a digital badge issued by NABP.  

 Prior to the subscription renewal date, credential holders will be prompted to renew their NABP Verify subscription. If the credential holder fails to renew by the annual expiration date, the individual’s credential status will be changed to closed and all participating states will be notified.  

Benefits for Boards

NABP Verify also assists boards of pharmacy in tracking the status of out of state license holders practicing in their state or jurisdiction. 

  • Participating boards of pharmacy will be notified via e-Profile Connect of any NABP Verify credential holders that:  
    • Have met the eligibility criteria and been issued the NABP Verify credential for their state.  
    • No longer meet the program criteria and whose NABP Verify credential is no longer active due to:  
      • Change in any active or inactive license status (sanctioned and not in good standing).  
      • Failure to renew NABP Verify subscription.  
      • Subsequent discovery of no active licensure through ongoing monitoring. 
  • A state may direct NABP to remove an NABP Verify credential holder from active status in the state if the credential holder failed to comply with state or federal laws or rules applicable to the practice of pharmacy in the state. NABP is not responsible for the state’s decision to remove a credential holder from active status in its state.  
  • Participating member boards will be able to view active and inactive NABP Verify credential holders for all states in the program.  

Applicants and program participants may use the following methods to appeal their NABP Verify credential status:  

  • Reapply to NABP Verify following the removal of a sanction from any individual’s licenses.  
  • Apply to a specific state for full licensure through the e-LTP program.  
  • Request a review of information utilized by NABP for credential eligibility.