Media Contact

Larissa Doucette

At the request of several prescription monitoring program (PMP) administrators, NABP is working on building PMP software that will work seamlessly with NABP PMP InterConnect®as well as meet the needs of administrators, requestors, and data submitters with more options and flexibility. Five states – Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, and Nevada – have agreed to test this new software. Kansas is the first state to test the software and launched it on July 1, 2013. Appriss, Inc, NABP’s vendor that developed and hosts NABP InterConnect, is working on additional enhancements for the next state to start testing. The next state to begin testing the new software is Mississippi, with an anticipated launch date of August 2013. NABP is committed to providing this new software free of charge to these participating states. It is NABP’s goal to make this software available to all state PMPs. More information about the testing of the new software will be provided in future issues of NABP e-News.