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Larissa Doucette

Pharmacists are encouraged to take the “Pharmacist’s Pledge to Make a Difference” in the battle against prescription drug abuse. Pharmacists taking the pledge make a commitment to take an active role in educating colleagues and the community about the dangers of prescription drug abuse and misuse and the steps to take when diversion is suspected. Pharmacists can sign the pledge now on the AWARXE® Prescription Drug Safety Program website. Tips for implementing the pledge are also available. These tips include reminders to check PMPs regularly, and to learn a pharmacy’s protocol for action to take if abuse or diversion is suspected, as well as links to posters and flyers on medication safety that can be printed and displayed in the pharmacy. NABP President Edward G. McGinley, MBA, RPh, introduced the pledge at the NABP 111th Annual Meeting in May 2015.

Visit and take the pledge today!