TITLE: Implementation and Regulation of Technology in Pharmacy Practice

WHEREAS, technology is a critical component in the provision of pharmacy and patient care services; and

WHEREAS, state boards of pharmacy regulate the practice of pharmacy, and consequently the use of technology in practice; and

WHEREAS, challenges exist to effectively regulate the use of technology due to its evolving nature and rapid development that often outpace the development and adoption of governing state laws and rules; and

WHEREAS, the Model State Pharmacy Act and Model Rules of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (Model Act) includes broad and effective language addressing the implementation and regulation of the use of technology in pharmacy practice;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that NABP, in collaboration with state boards of pharmacy, communicate, where applicable, to state legislative and regulatory authorities the NABP Model Act language pertaining to the implementation and regulation of technology to allow for the appropriate use, innovation, and safeguards that address security and patient safety.

(Resolution passed at the 114th Annual Meeting in Denver, CO.)