TITLE: Electronic Prescribing Functions in Pharmacy Practice

WHEREAS, at least 24 states have adopted or mandated e-prescribing as the use of e-prescribing continues to evolve; and

WHEREAS, e-prescribing can help to reduce the number of fraudulent prescriptions for controlled substances, improve the accuracy of the prescribing and dispensing processes, enhance the efficiency of pharmacy operations, and aid in the interoperability of health information to improve patient care; and

WHEREAS, prescribing systems and pharmacy systems may utilize different e-prescribing functions and features that may affect e-prescribing data elements; and

WHEREAS, pharmacies may be required to manually adjust or correct data fields or contact prescribers for clarification; and

WHEREAS, these issues may result in potential quality issues in the dispensing process and delays in therapy;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that NABP conduct a survey of US states and jurisdictions to collect data regarding pharmacy e-prescribing concerns and, if appropriate, convene a task force to further study the issue and make recommendations for improving e-prescribing functionality.

(Resolution passed at the 118th Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.)