TITLE: Drug Shortages

WHEREAS, in recent years, there have been many drug shortages resulting in pharmacies being unable to meet patient demand; and

WHEREAS, many prescription drugs have been in critically short supply; and

WHEREAS, these shortages have resulted in interruptions and changes to patient therapy, which may impact quality of life and cause notable strain in attempting to secure drugs in shortage at the pharmacy level; and

WHEREAS, United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and US Drug Enforcement Administration have issued a joint public letter addressing certain actions being taken to resolve shortages of stimulant medications1; and

WHEREAS, NABP Resolution No. 108-4-12 Drug Shortages directed NABP to collaborate with FDA and other appropriate stakeholders to address critical drug shortages,2

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that NABP collaborate with organizations, including industry, federal agencies, pharmacy associations, and pharmacy benefit managers, to develop additional strategies and technological tools to address drug shortages.

(Resolution passed at the 120th Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, TX.)