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Larissa Doucette

A United States district court in Montana indicted Canada Drugs last week with charges related to the selling of $78 million worth of unapproved, mislabeled, and counterfeit drugs to US doctors over three years. Most of the drugs specified in the indictment were cancer treatments or medications to treat the effects of chemotherapy, reports CBC news. Also indicted was Dr Ram Kamath, director of pharmacy policy and international verifications for PharmacyChecker. Dr Kamath allegedly certified Canada Drugs as a legitimate online pharmacy after accepting money and a paid trip from the company, reports LegitScript. He is also accused of hiding counterfeit medications in his home garage. PharmacyChecker, in its blog, denies allegations that Canada Drugs illegally distributed drugs to consumers.

Many illegal Internet drug sellers take advantage of Americans’ trust of Canadian online pharmacies to sell them counterfeit or adulterated products, reports the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies. In many cases, as was the case for Canada Drugs, these rogue sellers claim to be Canadian while actually selling from outside of the country. In this case, black market operators were routing drugs from Turkey and other locations through the United Kingdom and Barbados to the US, LegitScript reports.