Media Contact

Larissa Doucette

Prescription monitoring programs (PMPs) in Arizona and Kansas have gone live with the NABP PMP InterConnectSM, the system that facilitates the secure sharing of data between state PMPs, a key element for early detection, intervention, and prevention of substance abuse and diversion of controlled substances. The Arizona Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program and the Kansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, known as K-TRACS, join PMPs in Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, and Virginia, which have implemented use of the NABP InterConnect, giving authorized PMP users the ability to request and share program data across state lines. Since the launch, 231,869 requests have been processed through NABP InterConnect, and authorized users of the PMPs only waited an average of 7.5 seconds for a consolidated multi-state PMP report. Based on current implementation time frames, authorized users of PMPs in New Mexico and West Virginia will be able to access data across state lines by the end of summer 2012. In addition, PMPs in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Utah have executed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with NABP to participate in the NABP InterConnect and an additional seven states have MOUs under review.

The NABP InterConnect is a highly secure communications exchange platform. The NABP InterConnect rules engine allows each participating state autonomy to program and enforce their rules of access to data and all data is encrypted during the transfer process. The NABP InterConnect does not house any data. The NABP InterConnect Steering Committee is comprised exclusively of representatives of the PMPs that are participating in the system and serves as the governing and advisory body as it relates to the administration and function of the NABP InterConnect.

It is anticipated that more than 20 states will be sharing data using the NABP InterConnect in 2012. The most up-to-date information about state PMP participation is presented in the NABP PMP InterConnect map, available in the NABP PMP InterConnect section of the NABP Web site. Additional information about NABP InterConnect development, governance, security, and funding is also available in the NABP PMP InterConnect Fact Sheet (PDF).