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Larissa Doucette

Susan Ksiazek, RPh, presented the Report of the Incoming President during the 114th Annual Meeting:

“Let me ask you a question. Have you ever had the opportunity to do a wholesale renovation of your home – take it down to the studs and build it back up? Not only to renovate, but to reconstruct it in a way that exceeds your wildest expectations compared to when you first moved in? All with the goal of updating to current and future needs, while maintaining the heart of the home. Last year in my Report of the Treasurer, I announced the planned renovations to our home, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) Headquarters.

The slides you are now viewing capture the demolition of NABP’s Headquarters in preparation for the renovation in 2017. The demolition took everything down to the bare walls and floors. What was left was the heart of NABP, our century-long mission of public protection and the impeccable reputation of knowledge and service excellence. What was built was a structure that would position NABP to continue to be a leader in an ever competitive and challenging marketplace. To pull a quote from last year’s Executive Committee retreat, the brand of NABP moving forward would be “the same, only better.” At that retreat, we also agreed that it was important for the NABP Vision Statement to be a prominent part of the renovation.”

Read the full 2018 Incoming President’s Report.