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Larissa Doucette

Jeanne D. Waggener, RPh, DPh, presented the President’s Address during the 114th Annual Meeting:

“Good afternoon. It is hard for me to believe that a year has passed and I am standing before you delivering my last report as President of NABP. Other NABP Presidents warned me that the year would fly by. However, until you actually serve as President, you don’t appreciate that wise advice.

The NABP Annual Meeting has always been a reminder for me of how this Association adapts and responds to the needs of its members and the ever-changing world. This year is no exception, and a glance back at the past shows the same has been true for past members as well. 76 years ago NABP members gathered in this “mile-high city” for the Annual Meeting. It was 1942, the 39th Annual Meeting, and Paul Molyneux from Alabama was serving as president. And while it was a different time with different needs and concerns, and there was probably no mention or consideration of medical marijuana, one thing remained the same – NABP was bringing together its members to participate in forward-thinking debate and change.”

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