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Larissa Doucette

Serving as a convenient reference source for individuals seeking an overview of the laws and regulations that govern pharmacy practice in 53 jurisdictions, the updated 2017 Survey of Pharmacy Law is now available. The Survey, which is produced as a digital PDF, is now provided on a USB drive.

The Survey consists of four sections – a state-by-state overview of organizational law, licensing law, drug law, and census data. In addition, the updated Survey includes four new questions. The new questions and their corresponding sections are listed below.

  1. Section 17, Wholesale Distributor Licensure Requirements: “Does State Require Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors® Accreditation for 503B Outsourcing Facilities?”
  2. Section 17, Wholesale Distributor Licensure Requirements: “Does State Have a Third-Party Logistics Provider Law?”
  3. Section 28, Miscellaneous State Pharmacy Laws: “Does State Require Pharmacies to Conduct Self-inspections?”
  4. Section 29, Minimum Standards of Practice: “Does Board Require Compliance With USP Chapter Hazardous Drugs—Handling in Healthcare Settings?”

Updates for the 2017 Survey were graciously provided by the state boards of pharmacy. In addition to the boards’ support, NABP requested data from relevant health care associations for the Survey’s prescribing authority and dispensing authority laws in Sections 23 and 24 and laws pertaining to the possession of non-controlled legend drugs and possession of controlled substances in Sections 25 and 26.

The Survey can be purchased online for $195 by visiting the Publications and Reports section on the NABP website at All final-year pharmacy students receive an electronic copy of the Survey free of charge through a grant from the NABP Foundation®. In addition, NABP will provide a complimentary copy to board of pharmacy executive directors for board use.