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Larissa Doucette

Susan Ksiazek, RPh, presented the Report of the Treasurer during the 113th Annual Meeting:

“Good afternoon. Serving as the Association’s treasurer this past year has been an honor and one taken with strong conviction. Along with the rest of the Executive Committee we had a goal to ensure that all the programs vital to the member boards would continue to thrive. And the results of these efforts are reflected in the ratio Hal just referenced. Specifically, for every one dollar of the $250 annual dues, boards may access thirteen hundred dollars of National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) programs and services. We hope you see this ratio, in what we like to call your NABP Passport, as a positive return on investment in our shared mission to protect the public health. Further, I am pleased to report that NABP’s financial landscape will continue to support these programs.

“Illustrating the value of the passport, earlier this year, the Association sent each member board a Member Benefit Statement along with the membership renewal notice. We hope that you all reviewed the statement with your entire Board and found it helpful to justify with your State administration the value that NABP provides.”

Read the full 2017 Report of the Treasurer.