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Larissa Doucette

Hal Wand, MBA, RPh, presented the Report of the Incoming President during the 112th Annual Meeting:

“Good afternoon. I am honored to stand before you as the incoming NABP president. When I reflect on NABP and the past year’s achievements, and consider the years ahead, one word comes to mind – ‘teamwork.’” As reflected in the Annual Meeting theme “All Hands On Deck,” teamwork is vital to the success of the Association’s goals. My presidential initiatives focus on the power of teamwork and are meant to expand our horizons and open up new opportunities for the membership.

“As you’ve heard throughout the meeting, we must all work together to make the changes that are in the best interest of the public that we are all protecting. Though it often seems like the world of pharmacy regulation is slow to change, with so many outside forces making rapid changes, it is moving more quickly than ever before. And the NABP Executive Committee wants to ensure that the Association is positioned to help your boards in the necessary capacities.”

Read the full 2016 Report of Incoming President.