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Larissa Doucette

Edward G. McGinley, MBA, RPh, DPh, presented the President’s Address during the 112th Annual Meeting:

“Good afternoon. Wasn’t that a great experience making music together with our keynote speaker Dr Boris Brott? It was truly a demonstration that working together, we can accomplish great things. It takes a tremendous amount of cooperation and coordination for an orchestra to produce beautiful music together. Making beautiful music always starts with the individual musicians, and their level of talent and dedication.

“It has been an exciting and invigorating year serving as your president.

“Last year I rolled out a pledge to take action in the fight against prescription drug abuse. I made it my priority to get our membership involved in solving the prescription drug abuse epidemic. Not just as another voice saying that there is a problem, but to be a resource and active participant in their practice settings, and communities, to make a difference. Asking pharmacists and others affiliated with pharmacy to take on the responsibility in their sphere of influence, in their pharmacies and in their communities, to educate and provide support to those in need. We have plenty of people talking. But the more people taking action, the more we can get done.”

Read the full 2016 President’s Address.