Karen M. Ryle, MS, RPh, presented the Report of the Executive Committee during the 111th Annual Meeting:

Good afternoon. I am very glad to see so many of you here today. It is an exciting time for NABP. So it is fitting that we are in an exciting city like New Orleans. Rich with history, culture, and great food. And of course the music.

This year’s theme, “Boards of Pharmacy and NABP – Marching In Together and Stronger,” was inspired by the second line marching bands that are customary to the social events of the city. These bands march through, uniting crowds in sorrow and celebration.

During this year’s Annual Meeting, as expressed in the theme, we are celebrating the unity of the boards of pharmacy and NABP. Over the past 111 years we have achieved much for the practice of pharmacy by working together to create uniform standards that protect
patients across the nation.

Read the full 2015 Report of the Executive Committee.