Joseph L. Adams, RPh, presented the President’s Address during the 111th Annual Meeting:

Good afternoon! It’s truly a pleasure to see you all here in my home town of New Orleans, where both I and my father before me have served our communities as pharmacists. I never have been a person to believe much in destiny. You never know what path life will take you, and it looks like I’ve come full circle, from having my diapers changed in a French Quarter pharmacy to filling my first prescription as a registered pharmacist at the Walgreens just outside the door of this hotel on the corner, to standing before you as president of NABP.  Hollywood could not have written it any better!

As a former member of the Louisiana Board and having served on the NABP Executive Committee for six years, I continue to be amazed at how adeptly the Association responds to the needs of its member boards of pharmacy.

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