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Larissa Doucette

Carmen A. Catizone, Executive Director/Secretary, presented the Report of the Executive Director/Secretary during the 109th Annual Meeting:

“Thank you, Mike. My thanks to the Executive Committee, staff, and all the members. President Mike Burleson and the Executive Committee have been very supportive throughout the years. They have been over all of the 28 years that I have been with NABP. Mike’s support even extends to helping me with my presentation today. He is actively soliciting someone to pull the fire alarm. I have heard him ask three people already about doing that.

“This morning at breakfast, someone was talking about our Annual Meeting, and they had mentioned something that I felt was very true that I wanted to share with you. They said this was a good meeting. They said it was a good meeting because everyone seems to know each other.”

Read the full 2013 Report of the Executive Director.