If you follow us on social media, you might have noticed recent posts about our updated Facebook and Twitter consumer accounts, as well as our revamped patient-focused website. The changes are part of our larger campaign to empower patients with medication safety information and more directly highlight the efforts that we and our member boards of pharmacy undertake to protect public health.

Our YouTube channel is another hub for some of this critical educational content. We have a variety of videos full of resources for patients and pharmacists.

For example, the Medication Safety for Families playlist features

  • tips for properly disposing of medication,
  • an NABP initiative to protect the integrity of the drug supply chain, and
  • even personal stories of the real-life impact of opioid overdose, such as this one about Charlie Ternan, who passed after taking a pill that he had bought online without a prescription:

Our videos include tips for getting the most out of NABP services. Learn how to track your continuing pharmacy education credits in CPE Monitor 101. See how easy research can be using NABPLaw: How to Search and learn how to set up your NABP e-Profile with how-to videos.

Share what you learn with patients and share the link with colleagues.