The National Association of State Controlled Substances Authorities (NASCSA) has partnered with Talem Health to create a one-hour, on-demand continuing education (CE) activity for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to improve prescription monitoring program (PMP) data. The Data Quality in Prescription Monitoring Programs course will provide insight into how pharmacy staff data entry processes affect PMP data, clinical decision making, and downstream data analysis. Developed in partnership with NASCSA and 12 PMP administrators, the program analyzes the importance and value of complete, accurate data reported by dispensers to PMPs and assesses the impact of intentional or unintentional data entry errors and omissions on patient safety. It also discusses the downstream impacts of pharmacy-reported PMP data on clinical decision-making processes and helps pharmacy staff identify and implement changes that can be made in their practice setting to improve PMP data integrity. The CE activity is available until October 20, 2024, and is available on the TalemHealth website.