Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared a shortage of Adderall® as pharmacies across the nation are struggling to fill patients’ prescriptions. FDA published a list of the manufacturers and product strengths that are still available and will continue to monitor the supply. With this ongoing issue, the Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) warns patients not to purchase Adderall online outside of the legitimate United States drug supply chain, as it could be counterfeit. According to a PSM study, 19 states have reported fake Adderall made with methamphetamine, three states have reported fake Adderall made with fentanyl, and two states have reported unknown ingredients mixed in with Adderall being sold to people both in person and online since September 2018.

Pharmacies across the country have also reported a shortage of amoxicillin. FDA listed three main amoxicillin manufacturers: Hikma Pharmaceuticals, Sandoz, and Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries, Ltd, that are experiencing a shortage of amoxicillin oral powder for oral suspensions. The shortage affects oral powder, chewable tablets, and capsules. As of press time, manufacturers have not explained the reason for the shortages, and it remains unclear how long it will last.

During this time, patients may be tempted to purchase their drugs from disreputable sources online. Pharmacists should encourage patients seeking to purchase their medications online to check that the website is verified via NABP’s Safe Sites Search Tool, available on NABP’s consumer website,