The Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP Global) has released a survey that shows Americans are increasingly purchasing medications through online pharmacies. Based on the perceptions of 1,500 American consumers, 69% of Americans said they felt comfortable being prescribed a controlled substance (CS) by a health care professional who they met only through telehealth appointments. However, the survey also found that 47% of consumers said they believe the top search results are safe and from verified pharmacies. A significant portion of Americans are motivated by cost savings and convenience to buy from online pharmacies. The survey cited that 55% of Americans said they would be open to purchasing from online pharmacies that are not approved by the United States government if they saved them money or if the medication was unavailable at their local pharmacy. ASOP Global is advocating for the implementation of comprehensive regulation that protects consumers from purchasing fake or substandard medication online and for Drug Enforcement Administration to not place high restrictions on telehealth prescribing of CS. This study is available on ASOP Global’s website.