In July this year, our state newsletters debuted an eye-catching, easy-to-follow layout. It was their first redesign since 2010.  

Our state newsletter program helps boards of pharmacy disseminate regulatory and practice updates vital to each state’s pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other licensees. The 33 participating boards provide us with their news and information and we compile it into a customized newsletter, distributed quarterly for most participants.

The new, contemporary design provides the boards’ updates in a more reader-friendly format for online viewing. In addition, for those boards that utilize email alerts, the emails were redesigned to include headlines and snippets that recipients can view before clicking through to view the full newsletters. All these improvements further streamline the information flow from regulators to the professionals they regulate — you! 



Boards submit any state-related regulatory content, ranging from emergency orders to continuing education updates. We keep previous issues from up to 5 years ago for research and reference purposes.

The newsletters provide an easy way to always be on top of your state’s latest pharmacy practice requirements. Visit our Boards of Pharmacy page to access your state’s newsletter, and sign up to receive an email alert when the newest issues are posted by filling out the form located at the bottom of each state’s profile page.